With the passing time, technology and gadgets are becoming essential instead of a luxury. Technically, Children, these days are becoming more and more aware of the usage of these technologies, they want to play games and know the functionality of mobile phone more than their parents. The increasing usage comes with an increasing amount of exposure to harmful rays which plays a major role in effecting a toddler’s eye. Nonetheless, it gets a little tricky as how to point out if your little one is struggling with the vision as their communication skills aren’t developed to be able to vocalize their visual struggle.

Poor eyesight at times is not just the result of over exposure to the technology but could be just the weakness itself. As little one is quite young to detect such issues. It is advisable to for the parents to pay close attention to the child’s activity because a child’s life is full of exciting changings, growth and as their visual system develops it becomes apparent to assist them with a little help, in order to point out the exact visual problem with the signs and symptoms. 

Signs, it’s about Time That Your Little One Needs Glasses.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Excessively rubbing eyes.

  • Watching tv or mobile phone, Tablets too closely

  • Constantly squinting eyes

  • Eyes move inwards and outwards

  • Holding a book too close, colouring too close.

Knowing these signs is an indicator that your child needs glasses, but what more important is to listen and understand as they may tell you about their visual difficulty through different ways.

Examine your Child’s Vision with Regular Checkups.

Healthy eyes and vision are a very precious part of a child’s growth. It is very important to get it examined regularly, as many eye problems can be diagnosed and treated early. Vision care and eye checks up should be part of routine medical care.

Get your child involved in some kind of activity which caters to their vision mainly. Playing vision games are perfect way to point out their visual difficulty by asking them what and how they see through colors, shapes and etc.

Buying First Pair of Eyewear for your Child.

Place an appointment to a good doctor before buying a pair of glasses. After you have figured it out that your child finally needs a pair of eyewear. Walking into an optical store can be confusing.  As there are a lot of concerns involved such as the durability, style and above all comfort level of your child.

Choosing a pair of glasses means paying attention to your child’s appearance as their facial structure, especially nose is not properly developed and will change from time to time. Eye frames must be assessed and examined individually to make sure that it fits on the bridge of the nose.

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