How Often Should You Get New Glasses?

It is indeed as important to change your glasses as you charge your gadgets. Unlike your gadgets, your eyewear perhaps needs more attention as your eyewear is your second eye which helps you to see the world more clearly, vividly and full of bright colours just as nature offers.

Buying a new pair of glasses can be a real deal, especially if it has crossed the usual time span of three years as recommended by Optometrists. However, it is advisable to check various factors before switching on to the new eyewear.

Adverse Effect on Continuing Old Prescribed Eyewear.

Since you use your eyewear on a daily basis there could be a major possibility that your eyewear catches dirt, moist and above all it gets scratches. Yes! Those ugly invisible scratches on your lenses which creates hurdle between a healthy sight. These scratches are eternal damage and cannot be fixed, thus it decreases clarity and purpose that could be the source of creating blurry vision and straining your eyes than the usual, as you put more pressure to see clearly and accurately between these marks. This is a major alarming sign that it’s time to throw the old ones and get hold on to new ones. Another sign could be the eye weakness itself as the lens number could fluctuate, it could increase or decrease depending on the lifestyle, daily routine and eating habits. One of the most indicative signs of an increased number of your eye-sights is squinting even while wearing glasses, frequent headaches, unnecessary straining and discomfort. If you are undergoing any of these symptoms it’s about time to get yourself checked up and switch spectacles.

How often your Eyes need a Check-Up

Checking up with optometrist after every second year ought to be the part of your healthy medical routine. Your doctor will not only examine your eyes, advice you new prescribed spectacles but will also identify changings on your vision according to your age.  However, the doctor will also recommend a healthy diet plan that could help in improving your vision.

Keeping Up with Trends

New advance technology has made it possible for the development of prescribed spectacles as you can get customized prescribed glasses convenient for your vision. Which fulfils your requirements, needs according to your personality and environment. People who especially do a desk job, working with computers all day should definitely get their customized spectacles to meet the necessity for the healthy vision. In order to minimize the harmful rays of electronic devices, blue light lenses coating works well to protect your eyesight against harmful rays.

People often choose glasses over contact lenses especially when they are in the house to make their eyes breathe, which is convenient and comfy. As the fashion trends change, wearing new trends design spectacle has never run out of the market. It looks chic, classic, gives a pleasant look and brings variation to an overall personality.

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