Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are considered medical devices. With proper handling and use, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable wearing experience. Please take note of the following when using the lenses.

1. Pre-Consultation

It is a must to go through a pre-consultation with an Eye Care Professional before any purchase.

2. Proper use of contact lenses

Please read through the Product Instruction Guide to understand it fully before using the lenses.
The recommended wearing schedule varies for each individual. Please consult your Eye Care Professional.
Daily contact lenses are meant for one-time daily use only. Do not re-use them upon removal.
Monthly contact lenses expire 30 days after first opening. Do not re-use them after 30 days from first opening.

3. Regular eye check

To ensure good eye health, we recommend that you go for an eye test every half yearly.

4. Proper lens care

Improper handling of lenses may cause irritation and infections to the eye.
Always practise proper care when handling your contact lenses.


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